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The Space

The Bar

The bar is designed to harken back to days gone by, and feel like a place you can sit and hang out. There is a plenty of room for everyone and always great NY state beverages to choose from.

The Building

Once a J.J. Newberry store, the building brings back a lot of memories for Batavians. We took great care in preserving the spirit of the space, while creating something exciting and new.

The Brewery

Making beer. Brewing history. It’s what we are excited to do. From IPAs to Stouts and everything in between, we hope Eli Fish Brewing Company will be your newest favorite brewery.

Freshlab Partners

A unique way to experience multiple types of cuisine all in one space. Our two FreshLab partners provide an exciting opportunity to try new things while enjoying the atmosphere.

Bocce Courts

There is a regulation bocce court right inside the space. How cool is that? Our vision is that Eli Fish becomes more than a bar and restaurant, but a community gathering area.

Jackson Square

The ever popular Jackson Square is right out our back door. We are looking forward to some great music and parties once the weather gets nice. Stay tuned for more.