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Our Story

Who was Eli Fish? The stories vary. His father was a businessman, brewer and malter and taught Eli the family business. Typical of the times, Eli had the tenacity to make something out of nothing. Growing up in the farmland of Genesee County, he saw an opportunity to make something bigger and with the help of the Holland Land Company, Eli became a land owner.

Like others around him at the time, Eli helped bring hope and productivity to Batavia, NY and the surrounding towns. The town began to make its own way and a spirit of optimism swept across the area. All of this optimism made people thirsty and Eli had just the answer—opening his malt house and brewing beer.

It is with a great respect for the hard work of Eli Fish and his contemporaries that we pick up where they left off. We tip our hats to the farmers and craftsmen and the tenacious spirit they cultivated—shaping the lives and fortunes of so many.

Here at Eli Fish Brewing Company, we want to honor traditions and create new stories. We’re not just making beer, we’re brewing history.

Official Sponsor of the Batavia Muckdogs