Veterans Day Special

Sunday, November 11

In appreciation of your service, U.S veterans & active duty military receive a free meal from our special menu.

Introducing: Azacca what I need!

October 29, 2018

ABV 6%

When the Fall weather teases of Winter, you need a tropical IPA – right? Presenting the newest addition to the Eli Fish Brewing Company Portfolio of Potable –“Azacca, what I need!” IPA–slightly hazy, like the weather, and golden in color, like the Summer we so miss.

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The fine folks who settled in Genesee County were optimistic by nature. Life threw challenges at them and they rose to each occasion, always confident that the community’s best days were ahead. They worked hard, but when they did manage to eke out a little leisure time, we suspect they enjoyed fine potables like the ones brewed by Mr. Eli Fish. Today, life throws very different challenges our way, but we still work hard, and we still treasure the time off we share with each other. That’s why we continue Eli’s good work, secure in the knowledge that BATAVIA’S BEST DAYS ARE YET TO COME.